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big al hud

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Do You Have An Emergency Financial Need?

Hello everyone,
My name is Allen! I am a cancer Enduree! I endured
The dreadful words from my doctor that said ,"Allen, you have acute, Lymph o blastic Lymphoma, you have
Six months to live!" Then he said that I needed to get
All of my affairs in order & tell everyone that I cared to tell, goodbyes, you won't make it through this! People
Get second opinions, don't "settle" for nothing! That
Conversation was in March of 97, Im still here
If only a little worse for the wear in 2016. I've endured
The constant fear of dieing from somthing that you can't defeat! But now, I'm having to endure the 300,000.00 in debt, not being able to even pay copayments to go to the doctor. Not able to buy any groceries & toilettry items or bottled purified water to drink! I'm having to endure Pain in my body from the
Cancer treatment's. I hate the word treatment, it
Makes me think the Cancer gets "treats" while the
Patient loses their hair, suffers great pain & dies! Making all your family & friends suffer and be Endurees too! I don't think it fair that my wife's income
That comes for her disability, should be utilized to pay
My bills! I am also enduring her crying herself to sleep
At night, and She, god bless her heart, is the biggest
ENDUREE OF ALL! If you can help, please do as our only means of transportation broke down!
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big al hud  

big al hud

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